Which Garage Door Material Should I Choose?

When it’s time to purchase a new garage door for your home, one key question you’re probably asking yourself is “Which garage door material should I choose?”. Don’t we all wish there were easy answers to these types of questions!

There are several factors that come to play when deciding which garage door material is best for your home. Contact our team or keep reading so we can help you choose the perfect material for your abode without compromising on quality or style.

The smartest way to begin is to understand the differences between the available materials, so let us enlighten you with some helpful garage door knowledge!

Wood: For a Natural, Elegant Look

Although wood has enduring beauty, that same quality can also make it more vulnerable to the elements.

All woods hold different densities and properties that dictate the type of care they require. The team at Nova Garage Doors can make suggestions so you can be sure if hemlock, cedar or redwood is best for your home and style.

Our custom wood garage doors are finished and sealed with a high-quality protectant called Sansin that penetrates deep into the wood, forming a strong seal that won’t peel, crack or blister. It also protects your beautiful wood door from moisture, UV damage and insects.

Wood garage doors are still a popular style with homeowners in Southwestern Ontario, however keep in mind they require more attention. With proper love and care, your wood garage door will provide enduring beauty and a long life for those looking to increase curb appeal. 

Fiberglass: For Long-Lasting Style

If you’re looking for more functionality from your door and want to store temperature sensitive possessions in your garage, open your mind up to the world of fiberglass!

Like the Cadillac of garage doors, fiberglass is the best of both worlds. It provides the organic beauty of wood grain, using synthetic materials that provide superior insulation and unrivalled long-term durability. Above all the rest, a fiberglass garage door is a sound investment in your home.

Although fiberglass garage doors tend to run a little pricier than other materials, there’s a good reason for that. Their longevity is unlike any other material and they’re naturally maintenance free. This means you can get more years out of your door without lifting a finger. No need to worry about rust, corrosion or mother nature’s winter wrath.

Fiberglass also comes in endless styles and colours, so there won’t be any compromising when it comes to personal taste. Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll show you just how versatile your options are! 

Steel: For Affordable Customization

Last but not least, steel. This industry leader is still the most affordable garage door material. It’s a strong option that’s a crowd pleaser in the Canadian market. You can find steel garage doors in just about any style from carriage to modern contemporary.

Whatever style, window options or colour you’re after, we’re bound to have it in steel. Take a look at our samples and begin building your own steel garage door with our featured supplier Wayne Dalton. You can select the perfect new door to suit your personal taste and your home’s architectural style.

Ready for the next step? Contact the Nova Garage Doors team now for a no obligation quote. We would be happy to drop by your home in Brantford and help you choose the perfect new garage door.