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How Do I Know When to Replace My Garage Door?

Like any other home owner, we want to preserve the life of our homes and its elements as long as possible. But if your garage door is on its last leg, or you’re looking to upgrade to increase property value, Nova Garage Doors has a no-obligation quote service that can help you determine what the perfect custom garage door looks like for you, within your budget.

The best way to determine if you need to replace your garage door is by calling the experts at Nova Garage Doors. But if you’re in the pre-diagnosis stage, these warning signs can help you decide when it’s right to make that call.

Opening Speed

If your garage door is less than enthusiastic about leaping in to action, then you should really consider installing a new one. Sluggish opening speed is the first sign of an aging door, and a delayed opener response may mean trouble. If you’re always wondering if your garage door is going to call it quits today, do yourself a favor and begin the customization process now. We install them quickly and efficiently, so you’ll barely notice we were there.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re planning on selling your home soon, evaluate the health of your garage door and compare it to your heating and cooling bills. Energy efficiency is a large factor in today’s real estate market, and new garage doors are equipped with materials that have much better heat and cool retention than older models.

This one’s a pretty safe bet. A garage door replacement was ranked in the top 3 home improvements that saw immediate return on investment in resale value, so invest away! Fiberglass takes the cake when it comes to insulation and energy efficiency, so give us a call, upgrade and enjoy the view.

Excessive Noise

Screeching, grinding and squealing is not a good sign. If your garage door is making excessive noise, it shouldn’t be ignored. If you don’t ignore those screeching squeals, you may be able to catch a broken part early. But if you like to put it off and live on the edge, you may have further damage.

At that point it’s best to give Nova Garage Doors a call for a free no-obligation quote. We can diagnosis the problem and suggest a repair or replacement, so you don’t have to risk safety. Keep in mind garage doors weigh around 250lbs on average, so give your door some love before something breaks and has the potential of closing on someone. Our new garage doors have built-in child safety features, so you don’t ever have to risk safety.


Security is another issue. Much like a lock, if your garage door has been broken into in the past you should replace it. When an intruder breaks in they often compromise seals and parts, making your home at risk for another break in. A new door means you can reap the benefits of smart technology and built-in safety features.

Several of our doors are even smart phone enabled, so you can monitor, receive notifications about opening and closing and control its functions remotely. Your garage door is a main access point to your home and family. Keep them safe and sound with the most secure system possible. Check out our garage door openers to find the right features for your home.


A new garage door completely changes the look of your home, not only that but it has an enormous effect on its resale value. A garage door is one of the most eye-catching details of your home. It has one of the highest visual impacts with the smallest investment.

Garage door styles change with modern trends, and although it’s impossibly expensive to change the architectural style of your home, a new garage is a low-cost solution to modernizing the exterior of your home.


As if they were a magnet for basketballs, hockey pucks and any other un-identified flying objects, your garage door will take the brunt of daily life and likely the dents to prove it. We’ve got a range of fully customizable options that will look fantastic and stand up to whatever projectile may be sent its way.

We supply and install exceptional garage doors. So start cruising through those home trends magazines to inspire your new project and revitalize the look of your home!