Residential – Aluminum Garage Doors

Why aluminium doors?

Achieve a designer look with an aluminum garage door. Unlimited customisation means you can find the perfect fit for your unique home using more cost-effective materials. These naturally rust-resistant doors stand at the forefront of your home creating a modern and contemporary feel that can seamlessly revitalize the look of your home.

Benefits to your home.

  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Highly customizable
  • Light weight for longevity

You Can’t Beat Options.

See all we have to offer with our options below.

Aluminum Glass 8450
Aluminum Glass 8450
LuminousTM Glass
4 Designs
5 Glass Styles
5 Colours
1-Year Material Warranty
Aluminum Glass 8850
Aluminum Glass 8850
Coated Aluminum
7 Designs
7 Glass Styles
7 Colours
5-Year Aluminum Warranty

View our aluminum door samples:

Whether you’re updating your existing garage door or starting a new project, we ensure our work is beautiful, timeless, and expressive.

Build your own aluminum garage door.

With our featured supplier Wayne Dalton, you can select the perfect garage door to suit your personal taste and your home’s architectural style. Browse the gallery to view their vast array of colors, window, and paneling options that are sure to transform your home.

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