How to Choose a New Garage Door: 4 Key Considerations

Sadly, there will come a day where you have to say goodbye to your home’s beloved garage door. The one that has served you for so many years, keeping your vehicles safe from harsh weather, keeping your messy storage area hidden from the neighbours and acting as a backboard for those late-night basketball practices.

Before you start shopping around for a new garage door, you need to learn what you should be looking for and the options available in today’s market. Here are four important things to consider when choosing a new garage door:

1. Think About Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Did you know that a garage door makes up as much as 40% of a home’s façade? When viewed from the street, your garage door is a major focal point.

Your garage door can make or break a visitor’s first impression. You’ll want to choose a garage door that complements the rest of your home’s exterior. Better yet, choose a new garage door with an eye for the future and you can plan further upgrades around it.

As far as curb appeal is concerned, a one size fits approach all just isn’t good enough. Our Build Your Own Garage Door feature can help you create the perfect look for your home. By buying a custom garage door that perfectly captures your personal vision, you can bring that vision to life and instantly transform your home’s curb appeal.

2. Choose Energy Saving Insulation and Features

If you’ve got a busy household, your garage is sure to be opened and closed so frequently that temperatures inside resemble a rollercoaster.

This isn’t a big deal if you’ve got a stand-alone garage, but it’s a whole different story if your garage is attached to the house or doubles as a workshop. Frequently fluctuating temperatures make for an uncomfortable environment and significantly higher energy costs.

The simple, cost-effective solution to this problem is to buy a garage door with adequate insulation. An insulated garage door greatly improves the comfort level and stability of the temperature in your garage, with the added benefit of avoiding a jaw-dropping energy bill!

A smart garage door opener can also be a helpful tool in keeping the outside temperatures where they belong. A wifi-enabled garage door will allow you to remotely close the door when it’s left open, even if you’re not home.

3. Consider the Future Return on Investment

It’s no secret that home improvements add value to your home. But did you know that out of the home renovation projects that improve your resale value the most, replacing your garage door ranks near the top of that list?

Remodeling Magazine reported in its annual Cost Vs. Value Report that at the time of resale, the average homeowner recoups 97.5% of the amount that was spent on a new garage door. With the potential for your garage door to virtually pay for itself, don’t overlook the future ROI when choosing your home’s new garage door.

4. The Best Materials for Your Budget

While we’ve already explained how new garage doors can practically pay for themselves when you sell your home, it’s still critical that you don’t overextend your bank account in the short-term. Garage door materials vary in price, so make sure to choose a material that fits with your budget.

If you’re working with a smaller budget, a steel garage door may be the best choice for you. If you’re comfortable with a bigger price, a wood or fiberglass garage door could be the perfect choice for your home. Don’t let the price tag limit you, there’s a garage door out there for every style and budget.

In today’s day and age, garage doors are expected to do so much more than simply open and close. If you’re thinking about a new garage door for your home, we can help you find one that not only looks good but is secure and has all of the features you desire. Give Nova Garage Doors a call now to get started with choosing your new garage door!